Subject: Orbitel Service Outage – SaddleBrooke unit #32   Attention Orbitel Members, Orbitel equipment in the field has been damaged by a motor vehicle. We have identified the outage as Node 32. Up to 40 customers in SaddleBrooke may be impacted by this incident. We currently have crews en-route to repair the damaged equipment, however, it will take some time to repair. The fiber cable will need to be spliced back together as well as other cables and the node cabinet will be replaced. We do not yet know how long it will take to repair. We expect the outage to last several hours. Please take this notice in consideration if you have any television programs scheduled to be recorded, and make alternate arrangements should your Orbitel home phone be needed during this outage. We apologize for this inconvenience. Look for more information as it becomes available on our Facebook page or Thank you for being an Orbitel Customer!