Important Channel Information Notice - Robson Ranch Only

Our records indicate you subscribe to our video service and do not have a cable box. We appreciate your business and want to let you know Orbitel engineers are undertaking a project to reorganize the position of some of our television channels. This will occur the morning of Tuesday, August 6, 2019 between the hours of 1:00 a.m. to approximately 8:00 a.m. You will experience a brief outage of some standard and high definition television channels during this timeframe.


Every broadband network has a maximum amount of bandwidth, or capacity, it can devote to all the services. By reorganizing these channels, we create even more capacity for additional HD channels, for enhanced speeds and new speed offerings for our Internet products, more Video On Demand and new future services not yet launched.


For all customers using the built-in digital tuner in one or more television sets to receive our video service, you will have to rescan your television(s) after 8:00 a.m. on August 6 to receive your channels on their updated designations. Use the Auto Scan feature found in your television set’s basic menu. Please consult the User Manual for your TV set for instructions.

  • Please refer to the chart below for a list of channels as they will appear after you rescan on August 6.
  • You can access a complete channel guide on our website:
  • We recommend you rescan your television periodically throughout the year to make sure you are receiving all the channels available to you.  
  • If you would like to add a cable box (TiVo, HD or Digital Television Adapter) to avoid the need to rescan in the future, please contact one of our Customer Care Team to pick the device that’s right for you.

Please contact our customer care and technical support department at 800-998-8084 if you have any questions. We are happy to help. Thank you for being one of our valued customers.

Robson Ranch Channels, after August 6

Channel NameBox ChannelPSIP TV Tuner ChannelEIA TV Tuner Channel
KTVK 3TV33.018.1
TV Guide44.119.10
KPHO CBS55.018.2
Activities 66.119.5
KAZT AZTV77.018.10
KAET PBS88.018.5
KUTP My 4599.018.6
KSAZ Fox1010.018.7
KASW CW1111.018.8
KPNX NBC1212.018.9
KPAZ TBN1313.018.4
KPPX ION1414.018.11
KNXV ABC1515.019.1
Channel NameBox ChannelPSIP TV Tuner ChannelEIA TV Tuner Channel
City of Chandler 2020.120.8
HSN 29090.120.4
QVC +9191.120.5
Jewelry TV9292.120.6
Evine Live9393.120.7
CSPAN 29696.120.2
CSPAN 39797.120.3
KTAZ Telemundo9898.019.8
Channel NameOrbitel Cable Box ChannelPSIP TV Tuner ChannelsEIA TV Tuner Channel
Antenna TV200200.121.7
COMET TV201201.121.4
KPHO COZI202202.121.1
Charge TV207207.120.9
KAZT - METV210210.121.2
KAET - Life211211.121.3
KAET -World212212.121.6
KPNX Weather216216.121.5
Telemundo 80298.198.1
KTVK 3TV HD8033.18.1
WGN HD804--
KPHO CBS HD8055.18.2
QVC HD806--
Channel NameOrbitel Cable Box ChannelPSIP TV Tuner ChannelsEIA TV Tuner Channel
KAZT AZTV HD8077.19.1
KAET PBS HD8088.19.2
KUTP My45 HD8099.114.1
KSAZ Fox HD81010.114.2
KASW CW HD81111.115.1
KPNX NBC HD81212.115.2
HSN HD813--
KPPX - ION HD81414.117.1
KNXV ABC HD81515.117.2
TBS HD822--