Sun Outage

Once again, it is "sun outage" season, when all satellites in the northern hemisphere experience brief disruptions of their signals due to the relative position of the sun. 

Here is what takes place: as the sun's path changes with the Spring and Autumn seasons, there are times when it is in a direct line behind a communication satellite that is sending signals to a receiving satellite dish here on earth.  When the receiving satellite dish is looking into the sun, the interference from the sun overrides the signals from the satellite.  Sun outages have started already and run from February 25th to March 14th. You can expect to see brief disruptions to the signal of various television networks.  Depending on the network, there may be a loss of signal between 10am and 4pm.  The duration will be approximately 5-8 minutes.   The interference can vary from minor to a complete loss of signal.Unfortunately, there is nothing anyone can do to prevent sun outages from occurring.  Each satellite service will experience this interference nationwide.  We hope you find this information helpful.  

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