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Flight Video, powered by TiVo, has the TV experience you already know and more! Access your favorite streaming apps along with the best in live TV, local news and sports—all with one remote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Flight Video?

A: Flight Video is Live TV made simple. With Flight Video, you can view your subscription channels on a smart TV, PC, tablet, smartphone, or streaming device like Apple TV or Fire TV Stick. Flight Video also offers the option to use a convenient set-top box, the Force One Evo box, for a more traditional TV experience. In addition, the cloud-based DVR feature allows you to set recordings via the app on any compatible device and watch content anywhere in your home, any time you want.

Q: How is Flight Video different from Cable TV?

A: Flight Video uses an app on a compatible device (such as a smart TV, PC, Tablet, smartphone, or streaming device like Apple TV or Fire Stick) and delivers it to your device using your home WiFi signal. If you opt for the Force 1 box, it will be more compact and less bulky than a cable TV set-top box. Connect it to your TV and stream content using your home WiFi. In contrast, Cable TV is delivered directly to your TV using a wired cable line, and a cable box is required for each TV.

Q: When will Flight Video be available in my area?

A: Please contact customer support at 800-998-8084 to confirm service is available at your address.

Q: How does Flight Video work?

A: Flight Video enables you to stream TV content online, providing the same programming that you currently enjoy with a traditional cable TV subscription. Flight Video can be used through a Force 1 box, or downloaded easily onto your compatible devices, including smart TVs, PCs, tablets, and smartphones, allowing you to use almost any screen in your home as a TV screen. You can download Flight Video from your preferred app store, just like you would with any other streaming service.

Q: Can I keep my traditional Cable TV service?

A: If you are a current Orbitel Communications Video customer, you are not required to transition to Flight Video. However, to gain more channels, the latest features in video entertainment, and access to other streaming apps, we recommend you do so.

Q: What streaming devices are compatible with Flight Video?

A: Flight Video is compatible with popular streaming devices, including Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and Apple TV; Android and Apple phones and tablets; Smart TVs that have built-in Amazon Fire TV or Android TV; as well as computers using Chrome, Firefox or Edge browsers. See a full list of compatible devices here.

Q: How do I watch Flight Video?

A: Once Flight Video is activated on your account, you’ll be able to download the Flight Video app to your smart TV, streaming device, or mobile app to watch Live TV from any screen in your home – whether it’s a smart TV, PC, tablet or smartphone. Also, if you prefer a set-top box, you can visit our main office to pick up your install kit, which includes a Force One Evo box and a voice-activated remote.

Q: Can I watch Flight Video when I’m not home?

A: No, Flight Video, like Cable TV, is for in-home viewing only.

Q: Do I use the same account to log in for Flight Video, TV Everywhere, and the Orbitel Communications payment?

A: Usernames and passwords for Flight Video, TV Everywhere, and the Orbitel Communications online customer payment portal are each created separately by you, the customer. Changing any information, such as a password on one, will not change the others. Please contact customer support and have your account information ready if you need help accessing any of your Orbitel Communications services.

Q: I don’t have a streaming account. How do I set one up?

A: Once you have signed up for Flight Video, you will create a username and then can download the Flight Video app and stream via Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, or Android TV. Additionally, a Force One Evo box is available for pick up and self-install at our retail centers.

  • Visit to create your free Amazon account. Note that you will need to provide an email address or mobile phone number.
  • Visit to create your Apple TV account. Note that you will need to provide an email address.
  • Visit Google Play to create an account for viewing Android TV.

Q: I don’t have an email address, but it’s required for a Flight Video account. How do I set one up?

A: Premium email services (such as Gmail,, and Yahoo) are available at no cost and offer an array of functionalities. To create an email account with one of these free providers, visit:

Q: What channels are available with Flight Video?

A: Flight Video offers all the same live and local channels, plus so much more! With access to a wide range of additional live channels, an extensive on-demand library, and additional streaming apps, Flight Video is a truly immersive entertainment experience. It provides viewer recommendations and additional information on the content you are watching, making your viewing experience much more enjoyable.

Q. Will I be able to transfer my DVR recordings to Flight Video?

A: Unfortunately, customers will not be able to transfer their DVR recordings over to Flight Video. Your current recordings reside in your DVR and the new Cloud DVR is internet-based.

Q: Can I use my own modem?

A: It is recommended that you use an Orbitel Communications Internet modem to allow us to provide you with the best Video and Internet experience possible. Software is maintained remotely, and our highly trained technicians can troubleshoot issues on your behalf. You can use your own modem, but it must be Docsis 3.1 or higher and Orbitel Communications is not responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, or troubleshooting of a customer-owned device. Additional expenses may be incurred if assistance is needed on a customer-owned device.

Q: How do I make the switch from Cable TV to Flight Video?

A: Simply contact Customer Support at 800-998-8084 to sign up for Flight Video whether you are an existing customer or a new one!

Q. What if I don’t have Orbitel Communications Internet service? Can I still get Flight Video?

A. If you don't have Orbitel Internet service of 250Mbps or higher, you still will be able to have Flight Video. However, the more devices you and your family use, the more speed that is needed to power those devices. Our customer service team is here to help should you need assistance in determining the right Internet speed for your household.

Q: How can I pair my remote to Flight Video?

A: Please follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings and scroll to remote settings
  • Select the TiVo Remote option
  • Select Change TV Set Up
  • Choose a TV Brand. If yours is unavailable, you may click "other" and type in your brand of TV
  • Select the Checkmark in Blue
  • Press the Next button
  • Select Test Volume and once finished press complete
  • Now your remote is paired