We constantly strive to improve to meet the needs and wants of readers, listeners, viewers, users, and advertisers. We believe that talented and dedicated employees have made the company successful in the past and are the hope of the future. We are committed to providing an environment that gives our employees the opportunity to achieve their potential.

We value our reputation for honesty and fairness. Our credibility and integrity will never be sacrificed to achieve other objectives. We are stewards of this company. Earlier generations started it, grew it and gave it to us to grow. We reinvest for the future and will pass it along to successive generations.

Orbitel Communications is a locally based broadband communications company providing cable TV, high speed internet, and digital telephone services to the residents and businesses of Maricopa, Sun Lakes, SunBird, Robson Ranch, SaddleBrooke and SaddleBrooke Ranch. For more information contact Orbitel Communications today!

Orbitel Communications' Mission and Values