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Orbitel TextConnect

New and expanded text alerts system!

Welcome to Orbitel TextConnect!

Get text alerts sent to your mobile phone for FREE*!

Get notifications on account balances, payments, appointment reminders, chat with a live Tech Support representative, and more.

Text MENU to 800-998-8084 to access Orbitel TextConnect.

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Keywords for Texting:

BAL – Current Balance

DUE – Current Due Date

LAST – Last Payment Received

CHAT – Live Tech Support Agent Chat

HELP – Menu List

STOP – Opt Out

UNSTOP – Opt Back In

*This service is provided at no charge by Orbitel Communications. Customers’ mobile service provider may charge the mobile user to send/receive text messages depending on the terms of their mobile account. Orbitel Communications respects our customers' privacy and will never sell our customers' personal contact information.