Orbitel Internet

The Broadband Leader

Get the Speed you Need! 

Orbitel Communications brings you the advantage of our fiber-rich cable technology - big pipes with plenty of bandwidth - which means you get faster, more reliable service that blows the doors off DSL! Multiple speeds available!

NO DATA CAPS! ~ 24/7 Tech Support

1 Gig!

Upload up to 40 Mbps

Your possibilities are endless with 1 Gig!

600 Mbps

Upload up to 20 Mbps

Perfect for a busy household! 

300 Mbps

Upload up to 20 Mbps

Stream in HD,  watch 4K movies, gaming, shopping, Social Media

150 Mbps

Upload up to 15 Mbps

Stream, game, shop online all at your home with 3-4 users.

200 Mbps

Upload up to 10 Mbps

HD Streaming, Gaming, Shopping, Social Media

100 Mbps

Upload up to 5 Mbps

Streaming, Shopping, Social Media

50 Mbps

Upload up to 5 Mbps

Shopping, Social Meda

Smart WiFi

Orbitel Smart WiFi represents the latest advancements in WiFi technology that creates a coverage blanket to deliver a strong, consistent signal throughout your home. It can even extend to areas around your home, like your patio, garden, garage, and more.

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Orbitel Protection Plan

A multi-tiered solution to fully protect your computer and the wires in your home!

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Speed listed is maximum wired speed.  Many factors affect speed.  Actual speed may vary.