Fiber Facts


Orbitel's 100% fiber optic network offers the fastest speeds compared to other Internet connections.

Time to download a 2-hour HD movie:

  • Fiber optic internet speed 1.0 Gbps: 40 seconds or faster
  • Internet speed 100 Mbps: 7 minutes
  • 4G LTE speed 35 Mbps: 25 minutes
  • DSL speed 25 Mbps: 30 minutes
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Enjoy the fastest Internet speeds in the area.

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Don’t suffer with buffer! Orbitel’s direct fiber network can handle more users and more data at consistently higher speeds than other Internet connections. You won’t have to worry about your streaming movie freezing during your favorite scene. BONUS: Because data is transmitted via light, fiber optic networks are not as prone to outages as other Internet networks.

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Other types of networks have much slower upload speeds. Fiber networks have a huge data capacity, so Orbitel’s future-focused fiber gives you the same upload speed and download speed. That makes it easier to share files, work from home, and keep up with your evolving Internet needs!

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Another benefit of fiber-optic Internet is that it’s inherently more secure than other types of networks. It is much harder for cybercriminals to intercept fiber-optic signals. That is a huge benefit, especially if you are sharing information over the cloud.

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