HOA Agreements

Orbitel Basic cable TV is included in the homeowner association fees paid by residents of Acacia, Cobblestone, Desert Passage, Glennwilde, Maricopa Meadows, Palo Brea, Province, Rancho Mirage, Senita, Tortosa and Villages (“Basic Cable Bulk Billed Communities”). If you own or rent a home in one of these areas, your home includes Basic cable TV service from Orbitel. Residents of these communities do not pay Orbitel directly for Basic cable TV service fees. Orbitel has agreements with each of these Associations whereby Orbitel makes its Basic cable TV service available to each home in the community at a discounted rate. The Association bills the individual homeowners for Basic cable TV service and remits the payment for this service to Orbitel on behalf of its members. Please contact us to learn what kind of savings your HOA provides for you.

These agreements are why cable TV, internet and phone services are available to your home today. Years ago, developers approached the major communications companies about their plans to build advanced telecommunications services in Maricopa only to be told that these services would not be available in Maricopa until years later if ever. Orbitel shared the developers’ vision for Maricopa and agreed to build its state of the art communications system before any homes existed. Orbitel sought commitments that some limited level of services would be purchased in exchange for putting in the infrastructure to every planned home site. Orbitel agreed to discounted pricing on its Basic cable TV service so that every home in these developments would have access to local news, weather, information and entertainment at affordable pricing for years to come.

Our communications system provides hundreds of analog, digital and high definition video services, high speed internet and digital telephone services. If you reside in a Basic Cable Bulk Billed Community and want to subscribe to additional Orbitel services, you can establish a direct account with Orbitel for those additional levels of services. Orbitel will bill you directly for the additional services that you want to receive from Orbitel. Your bill from Orbitel for those additional services will reflect no additional direct charges for Basic cable TV. Customers can select from any number of additional levels of service that best fit their budget and needs in their home. Call us today to learn more about our exciting packages and the discounted pricing available to you.