HOA Agreements

Orbitel Basic cable TV is included in the homeowner association fees paid by residents of Glennwilde, Province, Rancho Mirage (“Basic Cable Bulk Billed Communities”). If you own or rent a home in one of these areas, your home includes Basic cable TV service from Orbitel. Residents of these communities do not pay Orbitel directly for Basic cable TV service fees. Orbitel has agreements with each of these Associations whereby Orbitel makes its Basic cable TV service available to each home in the community at a discounted rate. The Association bills the individual homeowners for Basic cable TV service and remits the payment for this service to Orbitel on behalf of its members.

Residents of Acacia, Cobblestone, and the Villages also have HOA agreements with Orbitel providing discounted Cable TV or Internet services. Please contact your HOA for more details about discounted Orbitel services.