Orbitel Mission Statement: Orbitel Communications strives to improve the quality of life for its customers by delivering entertainment and communications services across a reliable, fully integrated network supported by a team committed to achieving customer loyalty.

Orbitel Values: Orbitel employees pledge to build relationships with their customers honoring these core business values.

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AffordabilityI will make Orbitel’s products and services the best value to my customers.
AccountabilityI will take responsibility for the actions of myself and members of the Orbitel team.
CommunityI will be engaged in those things that my customers value.
GenerosityI will put the needs of my customers ahead of mine.
HonestyI will never lie or mislead my customers.
IntegrityI will always do what is right, knowing that is not the same as what is easy.
LoyaltyI will measure success when I have earned the trusted repeat patronage through a loyal customer relationship.
PatienceI will not waiver even in the face of insurmountable obstacles.
ReliabilityI will deliver the promises made to my customers without fail.
TimeI will always value a customer's time, not their money.
TrustI will earn the respect of my customers through the consistent delivery of these values.